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Saturday, June 6, 2009

First Communion Cupcakes

I don't know if you know this but I have 5 nieces. Yes, FIVE! So you can imagine that when I have to bake them something it's never easy. They all have different tastes, the mothers want different things and they're always adding on at the last minute.

This year, today in fact, two of my nieces have their first communion, so we had been thinking about their favors for a while and what to make them. Well, my sister saw these really really cute cupcakes in Bakerella's blog and she just flipped! She wanted them, had to have them.

The catch was that she wanted them with Buttercream, not fondant, but also they had to be packed in individual bags. Impossible! So what we did was fill them up with buttercream and just top them off with marshmallow fondant so they would look great and taste even better!

I used this great MMF recipe from Cake Journal which comes out perfect every time.

Aren't they the cutest thing ever?

They came out great and delicious. My sister's going to love them, my niece is going to flip out and all the other parents are going to hate my sister when all the little kids dressed in perfect white are covered in chocolate! Hehe.

I also had to make 50 cookie favors for my other niece, but for those I will probably post tomorrow since I didn't have time to take pictures yesterday...


  1. Yes they are really the cutest thing ever! I love how you do them, the colors are so cute.



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