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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Princess Cake 2

Another Princess Cake!!!

I know this picture isn't great but I had to take it in a real hurry and it's the best one I have, I'm sorry.

So, this is another Princess Cake for the same girl, only this one is a chocolate cake filled with chocolate butter cream... mmmmmm chocolate....

This one came along with cupcakes too and they are the cutest things, check them out:

The cupcakes were marble cupcakes with butter cream... delicious!


  1. what size tip do you use to get that great iced cupcake? one of the larger ones I assume but could you tell me the number?

  2. Cake Lady: I used the really big star tip on the Wilton 12 piece cupcake decorating set. I don't know the number by heart, I'm sorry, I'd have to go home right now and look for it! But... here's a link to the set:



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