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Thursday, January 14, 2010

A beautiful giveaway!

Seeing as how I have not been able to post thanks to my lack of organization and terrible memory.( I have forgotten the cable that connects my camera to my computer twice already! ) I am going to steer you towards the lovely blog of Bell'alimento so you can have a chance to win this fantastic apron!

Isn't it absolutely adorable? She's giving one away, that's right giving one to a lucky winner! It's Bell'alimento's anniversary this month and if you haven't heard of the The Hip Hostess you're just missing out. To tell you the truth I hadn't seen the aprons before either, but I was just swooning over everything this morning.

They have some of the hottest aprons I have ever seen! So check out their site to be amazed and don't forget to hurry on over to Bell'alimento and enter this incredible giveaway, it ends tomorrow!!!


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