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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ladybugs and flowers

This has been a really hectic week for me. I have been overworked, under slept, ill, and just plain old tired! Right now as I am writing this post (finally a post!) I find myself wishing I were under the covers and sleeping for at least a week. I hope the coming week is not as hectic, but I highly doubt it.

When I was asked to make a cake with ladybugs I was thrilled! All I could think about for 2 days was ladybugs and flowers. Enter the cake! I love making ladybugs, they're so cute and chubby. They're popping right out of the cake!

Look at this top mama ladybug, how cute is that??

Seeing as how this cake was kind of short notice and I was really busy, I had to recur to the help of my dear mother.  She came up with the bottom border, of which she is extremely proud, might I add. Good job! Isn't it great?! She was also a big help with softening fondant and the decorating. Thank you mom!

This cake was vanilla with Dulce de Leche filling, one of my most popular. It was travelling to the beach so I really hope it made it there safe and still tasted great!

I apologize for the short post, but like I said before, totally hectic week.


  1. Incredible! So cute! I love it!

  2. amo las ladybugs!! =D
    son mucho con demasiado hehe!!

    esta muy lindo el queque...
    y tu mamá hizo un excelente trabajo! =)

  3. This is a darling cake! It just made me smile!!



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