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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Buzz...Buzz and a another cake!

Since my oven is still on the fritz, I haven't really been able to bake anything new to share with everyone and it's killing me! I'm posting another specialty cake picture. This one is a Hawaiian themed cake for a girl's birthday party. They loved it! Delicious white spongy cake with a little bit of an orange flavor, filled with cookies 'n' cream... it was a big hit, complete with a flower hopping bee and all on top. I chose this cake, not only because it's one of my favorites but also in honor of a new community I joined called Foodbuzz. It's a really cool place filled with great people, I am brand new but I've found everyone to be very friendly, real food lovers and to have great sites and posts! Check it out and become part of this wonderful sharing community.

To everyone at thank you very much for being so welcoming and keep on buzzing!

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